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On this page you can see my works and the styles I’ve been working on for all these years. These are just some of them, to see more content you can always visit my Instagram profile.

Thank you so much!


The realistic style is one of the most demanded of all styles. Realistic tattoos seem to be real. The motifs are often portraits, but also nature motifs and other subjects can be made in this style. Due to its variety of details a realistic tattoo is a complex style.It can be done in gray or in color.

REALISM COLOR (Special mention)

Although most tattoo styles can be made in color, the style of color realism should be mentioned especially. Instead of creating monochromatic photographic themes, in this style a very colorful and real image is designed.
Black and white photographs compared to color photographs are as different as the "normal" realistic style and the realistic color style. The technique used is totally different as it creates volumes with shades of color and makes it a little more complicated.


In this style, a portrait of a person or animal is depicted. A photo is usually the rough draft. A realistic portrait requires a lot of experience, skills and talent. The final tattoo of the portrait has to be incredibly similar to the original photo. It also runs in color.


Here, the tattoo is almost "painted" on the skin. It seems as if someone had drawn with watercolor directly on the skin and you can really visualize the strokes. The forms are worked deliberately imperfect and the lines are blurred with the watercolor strokes.


The "Neotraditional" style uses the same tattoo methods as the "Old School", meaning it uses black schemes with a solid padding. This method differs from the old one in the use of more striking colors, with more degrees of color and shades.


The Japanese style is mainly defined by the choice of motive.
The main themes are dragons, koi carps, geishas, lotus flowers, cherry blossoms and many more Japanese images. Sometimes Japanese letters are also part of the tattoo. Japanese style exists in many different varieties and the motifs can be made in a traditional or more current style. Sometimes, the Japanese style can enter the field of fantasy.