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The appointment will not be confirmed until we contact you and specify the date of the appointment.

Quality is one of the highest values for me.

I only use the best materials and pigments for my tattoos.

The exact price depends on the size of the tattoo and the effort. Sometimes it is very difficult to set a price in advance. That’s why it’s good to send all the detailed information so you can give a guide price.

If you want to get a pricing orientation by e-mail, fill in the form in the section "REQUEST YOUR APPOINTMENT" with the information we ask and I can guide you.


-Advice and, depending on the motive, the design will be made with photographic composition or by drawing on paper.

-Guarantee of strict compliance with hygiene standards.

-I promise to use first class materials.

-I use the best approved pigments.

-If necessary, the review of your tattoo is included free of charge after prior evaluation**


To book an appointment, you can do so through the "REQUEST YOUR APPOINTMENT" form on the page or by writing to

Before formalizing the reservation, we have no choice but to charge a proportional amount to the requested project. This amount will always be reduced from the final price.

THE DEPOSIT is charged for design concept and day reservation in the Fede agenda. If you decide to cancel, the signal is not returned under any circumstances.

*For this you will have to make an appointment after about six weeks, so we can evaluate if there is a need to redo parts of your tattoo. You will receive a new appointment. This service is FREE.

*Only clear evidence that you did not take care of the tattoo will be excluded from this service.