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It is one of the most demanding styles and the one that offers results more similar to those we see in a photograph. The realistic tattoo owes its name precisely to that desire of the tattoo artist to reproduce perfectly on our skin the image that has inspired him or that we want to tattoo with as many details as the needles allow him. Depending on the expertise of our tattoo artist, the design will be so vivid that it will look printed on our skin, acquire relief and simulate floating on it. We can not deny it, realistic tattoos continue to leave us amazed by that ability to evoke so many things so full of meaning.

The realistic tattoo style, has had a great evolution in recent years. For the great improvement of the technique of the artists, has gone from tattoos in black and white (looking for the depth of the design), to authentic works of art.

The theme of realistic tattoos ranges from portraits of people, animals, nature, mythological or historical characters... Almost any subject is worth to make a realistic tattoo. In fact it is normal for the tattoo artist to rely on a pre-printed image or photograph that must be of the highest possible quality. Keep in mind that when tattooing you will always miss some details of the original. The more details you have the image that inspires us, the more similar will be the result of our tattoo.